In a recent survey, Advanis finds that Canadians across income levels and provinces are feeling consumer price increases acutely, with one-third of Canadians very concerned about their ability to afford basic necessities.

With mortgage rates spiking considerably, just over one-quarter of Canadians with a mortgage are very concerned about their ability to pay their mortgage as the rates increase. This is particularly a concern for Canadians with household incomes under $60K (48% are very concerned), BIPOC Canadians (43%), and Canadians aged 18 to 34 (34%). Some provinces are affected more than others, as well.

These results, like other self-sponsored studies that Advanis makes available to government and not-for-profits, are available here on the Tell City Hall website.

Take a closer look at the report “Inflation and affordability” to learn more about:

  • How Canadians of different income levels and provinces feel about the rise in consumer prices
  • How concerned are Canadians of different incomes, ages, and backgrounds are about mortgage rates rising and affording basic necessities this month
  • The connection between well-being and the ability to afford basic necessities


Building on the extensive research Advanis conducted during the pandemic via our COVID-19 Tracker survey, we have continued asking Canadians questions on various topics since March 2022 in our new Omnibus survey offered through our Tell City Hall brand.

If you are a public sector organization interested in learning more about these results—or asking your own questions on the Tell City Hall Omnibus survey—please contact us at

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