Survey research is an exchange of ideas and time - participants in research are eager to give companies their opinions about products, services and social issues. Advanis wants to make this simple for participants, by making the survey experience easy and enjoyable, no matter the language, device, or time of day.

Mobile surveys matter. Most adults in the US or Canada who own a smartphone rank it as their most useful device. Your survey needs to be optimized for mobile, or you risk losing these valuable respondents or hurting your brand image.

Advanis is exceeding industry standards by offering true mobile optimization typically seen only within a downloadable survey application. Our surveys have dynamic screen sizing, large answer areas, automatic page advancement, and voice capture.

What do participants say about our surveys?

  • “Please make all surveys like this; this display style is cool."
  • “Most companies should use this layout.”
  • “This was the best constructed survey I have ever taken on my mobile phone!”
  • “The concept is wonderful; the world needs this.”

We encourage you to contact us for a demo of our mobile capabilities.

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