An online survey of 621 Americans and 616 Canadians - all adults currently working as a freelancer or contractor, as a gig worker or platform worker, or on a side hustle for supplementary income - was conducted by Advanis from April 26th to May 17th, 2021. Details are available upon request.

Advanis’ Gig Economy Worker study digs in to the the older, empty-nester, more educated Freelancer - with a higher income and the younger, less educated parents with lower incomes Gig Worker. We highlight their perceptions, motivations, met and unmet financial and health & wellness needs, as well as their business support tools and digital tool wish lists. Using the Best Object Scaling (BOS) approach, we determine the employment related benefits those working gigs miss most.

View our Gig Economy USA Infographic for the quick highlights, and let us know if you want to access our report.
Anu Bhalla
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