Technological innovations; emerging values and behaviors; changing economic, environmental and political conditions: all of these factors can lead to significant impacts and potential disruptions.

Is your company prepared to face the future, no matter what it brings? Would you be ready to respond to threats of disruption? Would you be able to anticipate emerging customer needs and address them ahead of your competition? Are you prepared to continuously innovate and avoid obsolescence?

All this talk about threats of disruption and the need to continuously innovate can be scary. Traveling the innovation path requires a sense of security, but also great creativity.

Advanis has developed a systematic approach to innovation that delivers:

  • Resilience, by taking into consideration how the system within which innovation is to take place might evolve into the future.
  • Relevance, by taking a human-centric approach to identifying needs-based opportunities that are (or can become) well-suited for your brand.
  • Rigor, by using quantitative methods to validate all the findings and ideas against the target population.
  • Return, by identifying relevant solutions that address unmet needs of the target population and are well-suited for your brand.

Adriana BernardinoAdriana Bernardino is an Executive Vice President with Advanis, and our Chief Research Officer. A love for change, diversity, and creative problem solving has inspired Adriana’s work at Advanis, where she has applied innovative research methods to help companies in multiple industries address a wide range of challenges—from launching industry-changing products, to optimizing entire portfolios, or designing best-in-class services from the customer’s perspective. Adriana has a PhD from MIT and a Masters in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCADU (Ontario College of Art and Design University).

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