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Our Perspective on NetGain 2015

It is always nice to get together with peers and client's to regroup, generate discussion, and get perspective. This week at Net Gain 2015 hosted by the MRIA we had that opportunity. The day was filled with great speakers and authors discussing innovative technology and offerings in the MR industry. A common sentiment throughout the day was the importance of mobile technology and the fact that all research is mobile research, even if you didn't intend it that way. For Advanis this reinforced the importance of our latest survey platform and the extensive work we have done to make research mobile friendly.

The discussion also moved towards the new reality of DIY research and the new players in the MR industry such as Google Analytics. Research Mangers are looking for faster, cheaper, easier research all of the time. However an important point was made that quality is still part of the value proposition and actionable business insights and experience in this industry will play a valuable role going forward. As an industry we do need to adapt (and are) to the new reality of quick, on the go research that moves away from a traditional 6 week research process and report. At Advanis we pride ourselves on being known for innovation, technology leadership, and client responsiveness. In this vain Fresh Intelligence also discussed their belief that it is necessary for research buyers and the industry to start thinking differently about how they deliver results to ensure that cost, speed and accuracy of insights are provided to clients to make faster decisions. In Corinne Sandlers words "Wake Up or Die".

What also came to light is the shear volume of innovations and technologies that the MR industry can add to their tool box and should take advantage of. Dan Foreman (President of ESOMAR) talked about the many opportunities that have been created for the MR industry with the technological revolution. He predicts that with so much data available, the digital world will become a 6th sense and getting data faster will be an organizations lifeline.

"The innovation funnel is full if not overflowing, but other than a few home runs like mobile and communities, not much is filtering down to the mainstream (forgive the mixed metaphor).One reason for that, I believe, is that many of these innovations are being driven by entrepreneurs from outside of MR whose main focus is the technologies themselves, rather than a clear understanding of clients' unmet needs." (Reg Baker)

"People talk a lot about 'the future'. But look around you and you will see the future is already here. There are global economic challenges, challenges to traditional MR, new technologies, new players, companies growing from strength to strength and, sadly, companies struggling. Our challenge is to know what to do about it." (Dan Foreman)

Are you struggling with how to mesh new technologies with solid research principles and consultative action? We'd love to share our perspective with you.

This article was written by Alia Wright, Consultant and Anu Bhalla, SVP Business Development.

Alia WrightAlia Wright is a Consultant with Advanis. Since joining Advanis in 2008, Alia has been responsible for implementing and overseeing web, telephone, Intercept and IVR data collection along with implementing long-term tracker programs and online reporting capabilities.

Anu BhallaAnu Bhalla has spent the past 20 years developing and managing key accounts and client partnerships. Anu has worked across all sectors including Financial Services, Telecommunications, QSR, Retail, Energy and Mining, Technology, Government departments and agencies, as well as non-profit.

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