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Mobile Is Mandatory - Worldwide

For several years, Advanis has advocating a mobile first approach to our surveys, ensuring that all surveys we publish are enhanced for mobile.

We wanted to provide an example of the increasing number of mobile completed surveys, in many regions of the world.

  • The highest mobile rates are seen in the Asia Pacific Region, where nearly 3/4 of surveys taken are completed on a mobile device (specifically in Singapore & Malaysia). 
  • The United Kingdom has a surprisingly high proportion of mobile completes (over 2/3), especially compared to the US, where just over half of surveys are completed on mobile.
  • The lowest rate of mobile completion is in the EU, with only 4 in 10 mobile completes (in France and Germany).
  • Mobile completion rates were as high or higher for business surveys - perhaps because they save the survey for their commute home? 
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