A traditional method of mixing qualitative and quantitative research is to start with qualitative, then validate via a quantitative survey. Why not flip that on its head?

Lori Reiser will be presenting at the Festival of New MR on Wednesday February 3rd (Register)

During this presentation, she will provide concrete examples, from diverse industries, to illustrate some unique ways to marry qualitative and quantitative methods, including using qualitative after quantitative to provide depth and context to findings.

Not able to attend? Contact us for a private meeting to review the cases that are most relevant to you.

Lori ReiserLori Reiser is a Principal Consultant at Advanis. Her consulting engagements focus on ensuring that the consumer is heard at the strategic table - reducing risk in marketing decision making.
Lori can be reached by calling
888-944-9212, via e-mail, or on twitter @LoriReiser