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Increasing response rates when email recruiting

Have you ever wondered how you can get a greater number of people to respond to your email survey invitation?

One of our clients recently approached us with this problem. Together we discussed various changes that could be made to their email invitations in order to increase response rates. They implemented many of our suggestions and saw their response rate more than double from 6% to nearly 14%.

Some of the changes implemented included:

  • shortening the subject line,
  • adding the recipients name to the salutation,
  • including the signature of a senior member of their organization,
  • adding a blurb highlighting that the survey was being conducted by an independent market research firm, and
  • removing images that made it look like a newsletter.

Together these changes had a significant impact on the proportion of their customers who were willing to complete the survey.  This, combined with truly device optimized surveys from Advanis, can help you to make the most of valuable client or prospect sample when conducting research.

Mary Ann Charters is a Principal Consultant with Advanis. She has led complex product pricing, bundling, and product development engagements within the telecommunications, technology, and financial services industries. Mary Ann also has experience leading large international ongoing tracker projects with online reporting, including customer satisfaction studies.  Mary Ann can be reached by calling 888-944-9212, via e-mail.
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