Why do public sector agencies pay for customized surveys when it’s not always necessary?

For example, most police services in Canada conduct public opinion surveys periodically (some annually, some less often). However, many of the questions are the same and running a “custom” survey is more expensive than getting together to field a common survey. Also, if the same questions are asked at the same time about all police services, then the results can be compared across jurisdictions.

When Advanis noticed that Public Safety Canada and Halifax Regional Police Service generated a common set of questions for all police services to use, we decided to create a program to which all police services could subscribe (for less than one-third of what it would cost for a custom survey).

We’ve now fielded this survey in 2020 and 2021 using a randomly-sampled data collection method. In each year, we collected about 18,000 total surveys and have very large base sizes for many services.

National and regional results are freely available to police services and the public (which of course includes our valued clients, partners, and associates) at advanis.net/self-sponsored-studies. Teaser: Canadians' views of their police services have worsened in the past year.

A few police services have subscribed to the program, and we welcome other police services to contact us for more information at gary.offenberger@advanis.net.

We are also interested in helping other public sector services, agencies, and departments achieve these economies of scale, lower their costs and allowing for benchmarking. If you’re interested in discussing this possibility for your area of interest, please don’t hesitate to contact Gary.

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