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Advanis' Inclusive Research to Reaching Hard-To-Reach Demographics

Our philosophy at Advanis is to continually strive to deliver inclusive and high-quality outcomes, so our clients can make important business and policy decisions. Many of our clients turn to Advanis to ensure they are able to hear the voices of their hard to reach and specialized target audiences. 

Reaching Specialized / Hard to Reach Populations

For many of our clients, their target audience is not as simple as the general population. They want to reach niche audiences - such as medical specialists, small business owners, marketing executives, high net worth individuals, individuals from equity deserving communities, or those who have a particular health concern. 

Our clients turn to Advanis for our expertise to find these individuals by selecting high quality sample sources to fill quantitative and qualitative research needs.

Here are a few examples of research where Advanis delivered on a hard to reach target respondent, supporting our client's research objectives:

1.  Supporting Promotion of Our Client as An Employer of Choice

Advanis surveyed more than 1,000 Gen Z early career starters working at medium to large-sized companies in the US. This study was built to understand the perspectives and behaviors that drive the generation’s career decision making and what they expect from their employers to do their best work. 
The findings provide young professionals' views on emerging technologies, career development, company values, and corporate social responsibility. The results will be used in media outreach as well as by recruiters promoting our client to potential new employees. 

GenZ, Young professionals, Recruitment, Public Relations, Technology

2. Entering an Emerging Market (Medical Technology) 

A leading med-tech company needed to understand how to best market and sell the benefits of their brand in an emerging space. Advanis conducted an online survey among specific surgeon specialties and hospital administrator decision makers (C-Suite and VPs) in the United States. 
The survey investigated the relative brand strength of our client’s brand, willingness to pay price ranges, price sensitivity to our client’s brand vs. the competition and interest in technology. The research results supported pricing decisions and marketing and communication strategies.

Keywords: Healthcare, Pricing, Technology, Marcom

What Our Clients Say
“Advanis is a great collaborative partner for marketing research. The team provides guidance for anything from target audience criteria to stimulus input, and goes above and beyond to make sure they understand the objectives for projects. Advanis is more than just a service, they are a trusted partner and educator.” 

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